ABC May Kill Off Roseanne

People magazine claims ABC is considering doing a Roseanne spin-off centered around Sara Gilbert. Tentatively titled ”Darlene”, Radar Online claims the show would kill off Roseanne before following Gilbert’s character. A source tells the website; “Sara Gilbert is in talks to get a spin-off called ‘Darlene’ and they will kill off Roseanne on the show! The cast is meeting because they refuse to give up on their fans, or the family that they were building with each other. Sara is super upset about all of this, just as everyone else is. But she is getting so much crap from everyone about her comments on Twitter because the show was allegedly her idea to begin with.”

A source tells People magazine; “The cast all loved each other. It was a really happy family on set and everyone was so excited to be working together again after all those years, including Roseanne. So for this to happen is all the more upsetting.”


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