A Hamburger at a Grocery Store!?!

I want to say this is not an endorsement, I just LOVE hamburgers!

I’m a plain burger guy though. That means I pay close attention to how the burger is prepared, how it’s cooked, the flavor of the meat, and the quality of the bun. A few months ago after hearing a commercial on the radio, I learned there are select Harmon’s stores along the Wasatch front with built-in hamburger stands. They are called Just Burgers.


So why are Just Burgers such Great Hamburgers?

They only sell Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Chicken Burgers, Impossible Burgers, Impossible Cheeseburgers, and Just Fries…which are hand-cut french fries. I walked to Just Burgers at Harmon’s next to City Creek. These burgers are simple but great! They cook a fresh, not frozen blend of Snake River Farms Wagyu and Double R Ranch Choice beef. The burger patty is 1/3 pound of meat, cooked and seasoned on the flat top before your eyes.

The ciabatta bun is made locally for Harmon’s and is only used at Just Burgers. They know the magic of a great burger is a bit of a crunch to the bread, so they toast the bun on the flat top while cooking your burger.

While that is happening, the fries are hand cut in the store and fried while your burger is cooking. The end result, is a mouth-watering burger on a fresh bun, with piping hot fries. It’s absolutely amazing! Perfect when you have a mad craving for a burger!


What do you like on your Hamburger?

I’m like a kid, I just put ketchup on my burgers…but they have a self-serve condiment bar loaded up with everything you would possibly want for your burger. I’m told there are only a couple of Just Burger locations along the Wasatch, but Harmon’s does have plans to put them in most of their stores in the future. Next time you are at Harmon’s downtown, or at Daybreak…I strongly recommend Just Burgers!

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