7 Reasons To Visit The Ice Castles In Midway This Year

The Midway Ice Castles are a Utah original, starting in 2008, and has since grown to a worldwide phenomenon. This year, there will be thousands of LED lights embedded in the ice, music, and 2 acres of breathtaking ice sculptures to view.


1. They’re stunning

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Not only are these ice castles amazingly beautiful to see in the daytime, but at night they’re out of this world.


2. They’re a fun winter activity for the whole family

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If you have a daughter, you can bet she’ll be singing songs from Frozen while you’re there.


3. They’re the only ice castles in the western United States

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The other ice castles are in the eastern part of the country, but Utah is the only place to see these incredible ice structures in the west.


4. There are early bird deals

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Tickets prices depend on age, but through Nov. 27, you can get an early bird discount of 40% off. Just visit for more information.


5. They’re hiring!

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Do you think building these ice castles would be fun? Check out their employment page to apply for a job.


6. A music video was filmed here

Utah’s own Alex Boye filmed a cover of “Let It Go” at the Ice Castles.


7. There’s lots to do

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Warm up with a cup of hot cocoa, and head over to the ice skating rink after the ice castles for a fun way to spend the rest of the day.

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