5 Things You MUST Do In Utah Before Summer Ends


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5 Things You MUST Do Before Summer Ends. Yes, the dreaded “Back To School” ads are already sprouting like malevolent toadstools everywhere you look. The clock is ticking, missy! If you haven’t checked off everything on your Summer Bucket List–or never even bothered to make one–here’s 5 things you MUST do here in Utah before summer ends. Ready?


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1. Bake Cookies In Your Car: you know I’m uber-paranoid about leaving anything living in a hot car during our searing summer months (see the Hot Car Experiment) but dessert? That’s a different story. You can actually bake cookies on your dashboard on a sunny day. We tried this, and while the kids thought it was hysterical, The Todd and our friend couldn’t stop trying it over and over and over… The full how-to video is here.



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2. Road Trip! There’s literally hundreds of fascinating destinations along the Wasatch Front–and I guarantee that even if you’re a native, you never knew some of these spots existed. There’s also a wonderful kid’s travel passport with games, quizzes and challenges about Utah that you can download free here.



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3. Find A Heavenly Body: there’s star parties scattered all along the Wasatch Front this summer. They’re free and the Salt Lake Astronomical Society brings high-tech equipment to help you explore the deepest reaches of our galaxy. There’s some incredible sky events on the way – you can find a schedule and locations here.




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4. Fair Food & Ukuleles: you’ve been to a county fair, sure…but have you been to the Utah Ukulele Festival? What about the Quilt Guild Gala? The Blue Moon Bash? There’s dozens of wildly entertaining and unconventional fairs and festivals in Utah this summer. And yes: you can still get the deep-fried Turkey leg. Find a complete list here.



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5. Freebie Week: make it a challenge to do one cool free thing a day. There’s so many places to go! Tour the Sweet Candy Factory and walk out with a mouthful of taffy. Hunt for treasure at Saltair at the Great Salt Lake. Try to squeeze into one of the corsets our great-great-great grandmothers wore while crossing the plains at the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum. My girlie Michelle at Enjoy Utah! has the most comprehensive list I’ve seen.

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