17 Games From The ’90s You’ll Want To Play Again

List Of Vintage Games From The 90s

Who doesn’t love quality Gak time?

1. Skeeball


If you’ve ever had an impromptu Skeeball tournament at your local Chuck E. Cheese, you know how awesome it was. Remember how it spit out a bunch of tickets ever time you nailed the “100”?


2. Monster in My Pocket

Monster In My Pocket

Cracking open a package of these was the best thing ever.


3. Gak

That slimey, gooey goo was really fun to play with, until you dropped it on the carpet.


4. 2-XL

This little robot was so smart. So smart.


5. Pooch Patrol



6. Talkboy and Talkgirl


7. Bop It


8. Street Sharks


9. Don’t Wake Daddy


10. Pogs

Pogs were a hit in the ’90s, and nearly every kid had a set tucked in their backpack.


11. Crocodile Dentist

Who knew good oral hygeine could be so scary?


12. Skip It


13. Dream Phone


Dream Phone


14. Tamagotchis


15. Crayola Magic Scent Crayons



16. Easy-Bake Oven


17. Lite-Brite

Featured image credit: Tony Webster

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